After a really good 2019 year were gearing up and set for our season opener the “The Winter Circuit” although only one event is scheduled so far we may have more added between January and March.

Kick Starting the season January 17th-19th , back at Texas Cardhouse


For our very first ring event of the season!

For structure and “details” click the link below


Thats right folks this event is nothing like you have seen so far in Houston!

There will be scheduled satellites at TCH and HPL Online will be running very low buy-in turbo satellites so stay connected.

We hope to see you all there!

Message us if you have any questions or concerns

Email: Houstonpokerlive@gmail.com

Or reach out on Facebook

Whats the 411?

HPL Season 3

“The opener!”

All i have to say is whoa!!!🔥🔥🔥

The city has been waiting for an HPL multiple day event. I must say we thought things through, and put together an event that 100% of players should love and be coming back for more!

All the details are not released but the sneak peaks shows some of whats to be expected.

I cant wait!

New Monster Stack Champion!

Final table was no walk in the park with players hitting the rail within the first 40 minutes our biggest hand of the night was when the two biggest stacks at the table collided building a massive pot over 1.5m. After an all in and a call flush takes it down eliminating the at risk player and taking the overwhelming chip lead. Leaving remaining.

Few hands go by and were 4 handed the players talk up a deal blinds at (10k/20k BB Ante)

They agree to pay 2nd-3rd $1,500

1st to take $2,470 and claim the title of Monster Stack Champion!

“Picture below”

Full Double Up!

Level 5

Blinds 400/800 BB ante

Action limps around to Derek in the cutt off , he opens to 2300

Folds to HJ who comes along with a call

Flop : Jc 10h 3c

Action goes check check

Turn 3d

HJ leads out with a bet of 4000

Derek calls from the cutoff

River 9o

HJ bets 6k, Derek goes all in

And HJ quickly calls to table KJo

Derek shows A3, to take down the pot and a full double up! 120k